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Portrait Louis-Henri Delpy et Laure Girodroux.jpg



It’s during their studies that Laure Girodroux and Louis-Henri Delpy first associate their ideas. After graduating of the Parisian architecture school « Ecole Bleue », they gain their experience working during 10 years with famous and strong creators such as Ora-Ito or Marcelo Joulia for her and Tristan Auer or Jean-Louis Deniot for him.


It’s from their transversal experiences that their desire to find a common language that breaks the codes, crosses disciplines and allows them all explorations through an infinite creative palette, was born.


The duo, also partners in life, opened the Girodroux & Delpy Studio in 2013 with a « haute couture » and a casual spirit and since then worked on various scales : apartments, hotels or retail projects  They sign complex and high-end projects in which they constantly find a delicate balance between luxury and simplicity, boldness and elegance, precision and generosity.


Their expertise of  contemporary vocabulary and their classical references allows the duo to approach Interior Design and Furniture Design with a total freedom and gives birth to sophisticated living spaces with a mixed look and timeless feel. 

Passionate by the beauty of details, Laure and Louis-Henri feed their creations  of references and develop their projects with the conviction that excellence can not be achieved without the assistance and valuable expertise of the best craftsmen. Rigour and curiosity remain the most important values of this four-handed studio. 


From now on, they also express themselves through collectible design, creating exclusive pieces of furniture in the tradition of French decorative arts, soon to be represented by the prestigious Studio Twenty Seven gallery in New York, Miami and London. They bring together exceptional expertise to meet ambitious challenges, as demonstrated by their close collaboration with the Ateliers d’Art de la Réunion des Musées Nationaux - Grand Palais for over 2 years.

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